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    A few years ago I bought a Gebauer BR89. Since that time I have acquired a Lenz model and now want to part with the Gebauer. I would offer it for sale but I have not much idea as to its value. The loco has an ESU4 LS decoder with "stay alive" unit and runs very well.
    Can anyone help me with some idea of its value.
    Thanks in anticipation :rolleyes:

    Ich habe einen Lenz BR24. Ich möchte die großen Rauchabweiser entfernen und die kleineren Witte montieren. Kann mir jemand raten, wo ich die Witte-Überläufer herbekomme. :)

    I have a Lenz BR24 to which I would like to fit the smaller Witte smoke deflectors. I have searched around on the net but to no avail. Can anyone help? ;(

    Weiß jemand, wann die neue Lok freigegeben wird? Ich habe gehört, dass der Mai der Monat war, aber jetzt haben wir den Juni?

    Hello all
    I have successfully installed an LS4 decoder in my BR78 including programming the firebox glow when the sound of coaling occurs. The f5 function button is set to switch on the firebox flicker and play the coaling sound slot. I noticed however that when the coaling sounds play through the random sounds sequence there is no firebox flicker! There must be a way to fix this as with the LS3 decoders it was very easy and I am surprised that there is no similar procedure on the LS4 or at least not one I can find!
    Please can anyone help me to effect the changes so that all the hard work of the fireman can be seen whenever he works!
    with best regards.
    John ;(

    Hello all
    I used the screw couplings for many years on a British (GWR) layout. For running trains that do not require regular coupling or uncoupling they are great and give the models a much more realistic appearance.
    I feel that that is where it ends. If I want to shunt vehicles with regular and frequent uncoupling and re-coupling then after a short time with screw couplings this can become an unnecessary chore! I want to run (and shunt) my trains and enjoy it and I want to continue to enjoy it!

    At the moment I have a 6 metre long layout that is focused on the Ahrtal (Ep3) and I can shunt vehicles, arrange trains, rearrange trains and then shunt some more. If I was still using the screw couplings of my GWR days then the "fun" of shunting would have long since gone!
    I can enjoy the shunting because all of my locos, coaches and wagons have the Lenz and Brawa coupling systems and I can uncouple anywhere "without moving from my chair!"

    At first I thought that the coupling heads (Lenz and Brawa) were rather large but they soon became acceptable and many fellow railway modelling friends say that it does not really affect the appearance of the model unless you want it to. What the coupling system offers I can not get from the screw link coupling and as one of the things that I want from my interest in railways is fun I will remain with the present situation. If I was running trains where there was only little need to involve shunting then I would remove the present couplings and fit screw couplings. It is as we say in England (and also maybe in Germany) "Horses for courses!" I use what is most appropriate and what gives me the most satisfaction and control in a situation! If Herr Lenz had not produced the coupling system for his range of magnificent models I may never have returned to O gauge ... and to think .... look what I would be missing!

    I have thought about fitting screw couplings to trains of coaches that are always connected but they would not give me the buffer to buffer connection that I can get from the automatic couplings without the help of a Preiser railway worker ;) ! They refuse to even move to help me!

    There is a place for both systems. In my present situation there is no contest however Herr Lenz wins hands down! :)
    best wishes to all and a happy Christmas. :thumbsup:

    Hello Carsten
    Thanks for your help with the Avitar. I just have to find a suitable picture.
    My small section of the Ahrtalbahn (as I see it) was featured in the September edition of the British Magazine "Continental Modeller." Of course you most likely do not know about the magazine or perhaps you do?
    I could send you some pictures.
    Is there part of the Spur Null Magazin Forum where members can show their railways? Or perhaps I can send them to you by email! I am making changes all of the time and improvements also, though they take some time and are only noticed by myself - probably. I intend to visit the Spur Null show in Buseck in April where I hope to get detailing parts for the railway and perhaps models. I am waiting for the Lenz VT98 and Steurwagen, hopefully before Christmas! I do think that the models from Herr Lenz are really good but I am disappointed that the BR38 from Kiss is to be cancelled! Shade!
    best wishes John

    Hello Jürgen

    I have had a rather busy day with the railway but this morning I received an email from Mr Gradl. It said what you have just said.
    I must thank you for your efforts on my behalf.
    I always have fun with the V36, the second engine from Lenz that I bought. It is now not clean as I like to have my engines looking as if they are working hard and not as clean as they come from the factory! My railway is set in the Ahrtal, an area of Germany that I know well and always love to visit. The Ahrtal has a very interesting railway history but perhaps you know that already.

    Thank you once again for your efforts. Perhaps you can help me one more time. I would like to add a picture to my info box on the left but I can't find how to do it. Can you tell me where to find the section of the forum where I add a picture/photo .

    best regards John

    Good morning Jürgen

    Thank you for your offer of help.
    I wrote to Lenz last week but perhaps I did not explain very well as they have not replied. Talking on the phone would be a better way!
    I would very much welcome your help with this little experiment.

    regards John

    Hi Jurgen thanks for your reply.
    My V36 at the moment does exactly what it should do that is the same as yours. I want to be able to increase the engine sound speed but without the loco moving.
    On speed step 1 the engine (sound) is different, louder , more energetic! I want to be able to move to Speed setting 1 without the engine moving but starting to move on SS2 as usual.

    The acceleration of the engine (loc) is very slow so to be able to make the louder sounds before it starts to move the sound needs to increase in level but the speed should stay at 0!
    I have heard diesel locs do this. The engine sounds change well before the loco accelerates. If I could reprogram the engine so that it would reproduce a similar behavior then the result would be interesting and my V36 would be slightly different to others that I have seen on British build German railways (layouts). If I was unhappy with the result then I could return to the original setting.

    With ESU sound decoders and the programmer this is a simple and easy task but I do not know the CV settings to change with the Lenz engine decoders.
    Any help with this would be very much appreciated.
    Best regards John

    I like to change a CV setting on my Lenz v36. I would like to change it so that the engine speed sound increases (as it does on speed step 1) but the loco remains still until SS2.
    I can do this with ESU decoders that I have in HO models and I would like to change the V36 for effect.
    Can anyone help me with this experiment? 8)
    Regards to all John

    Hello all
    I want to indicate the start of a gradient on my Ahrtal railway.
    On British railways there are posts or boards to indicate the start or end of a gradient. Are there such things to be found at the line side on railways in Germany. My model set in Epoch 3. Any help with this matter would be very gratefully received.

    - John

    I think that the Lenz loc is such a good model that it would be an injustice not to do it the right way!
    Thanks again - John

    Thanks all for your helpful advice.

    The type of smoke unit has two parts. The heater element is controlled by a relay to take power from the track. A second part is a small fan to blow out the smoke produced by the heater. Both of these are controlled by a separate decoder with an address the same as my V160. I have written to Lenz and they have suggested that I use a standard decoder to switch both the heater and the fan. The fan would always be a momentary switching.

    I have seen 218 locos in the Mosel, Koblenz Hbf and many other places and I agree with Jurgen that smoke is usually only seen when the engine starts and when accelerating or with a load. This is the intention. The momentary switching of the fan would produce a short "blast" of smoke at the appropriate times. I have seen this type of device fitted to a model of a British diesel loc to very good effect.

    One other question.
    I notice that in the photo from Thomas that there are two places marked as exhaust ports. Are they both used? I thought that the V160 had only one engine!
    Thanks again to all and for the help and advice
    Regards - John

    I want to build a smoke unit into my Lenz V160. I think that there is space for the small fan assisted unit.
    I need help however. Which is the exhaust port on the roof of the Locomotive? A want the smoke to come out of the correct place!

    Any help would be gratefully received.
    - John :) :?:

    I want to make some posts and boards on which the km are marked. I have seen these on catenary towers and on separate posts where there are no mile stones.
    In order to make these in Gauge O I need to know the dimensions and if they are standard size. I can then cut and solder brass plates and posts on which to mount them. I am building a model of part of the Ahrtalbahn so there are no catenary towers on which to place these boards.

    In England we would call this boards and posts "mile posts" I do not know the German name for these objects.

    Can anyone help me with the dimesions. - Best regards to all - John

    I have been lucky enough to buy two Lenz BR64s before they were all sold! I would like to find home service depots near to Remagen or Koblenz, depots where I might have found some BR64s.

    My reason: I would like to give new numbers to the Lenz engines. My model railway is based on the Ahrtal EP.3. I have been told that the Bubikopf could not run or did not run in the Ahr .... no matter! I like the engine and they are the correct size for my part of the Ahrtal. I would like to give them numbers that could have been seen near to Remagen or Koblenz if possible. Perhaps someone can help me find a site with a list of all depots that serviced the BR64 and I can choose one for my fiction!
    Any help from members of the forum would be really welcome.
    Regards - John :)