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  • Hello everybody,

    U.S.-American, British, German, Swiss and Austrian topics are well represented in this SNM-forum as well in other foreign O gauge related sites. But I was thinking of presenting here some of my other international locomotive projects, which had been created in the past or which are planned for the future. Please, let me know, if you are interested in any particular state railway of any particular country, no matter how exotic it may be. You can express your interest either by posting in this topic or by contacting me via private message.



  • Hi Johannis,

    I dont understand your intention. You need a hint what to create next?

    How about CC72000 of SNCF or Série 1200 of NS in different variants or DD 51 of JR with 1000mm narrow Gauge or BR 118 of DB or BR 624 of DB still never build. There ist so much ...

    Viel Spaß beim Basteln


    Gruß Olli


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  • Hi Johannis,

    I dont understand your intension. You need a hint what to create next?

    How about CC72000 of SNCF or Série 1200 of NS in different variants or DD 51 of JR with 1000mm narrow Gauge or BR 118 of DB or BR 624 of DB still never build. There ist so much ...

    Hi Olli,

    No dramatic intention behind my post. I just wanted to reactivate the discussion concerning projects of non-German interest.

    Usually I am fully booked with my own queued projects, but on request with convincing arguments some exceptions can be done. Currently I am working on a Swiss gas-turbine loco.

    The French SNCF/FRET CC 72000 should be asked from Circle du Zero. There should exist already a powered brass model. From this model could be derived also the Portuguese CP class 1900.

    The shape of the Dutch NS class 1200 should be roughly similar to its Amtrak counterpart. I have to dig in my archive for this STL file.

    The Japanese center-cab loco JNR DD 51 exists already as a static plastic kit. I can search for the manufacturer in case of serious interest.

    About the DB/DR E18/BR118 or the OeBB BR1018 and the DB BR 624 you should address your wishlist to a German-speaking topic. Probably Lenz who owns sufficient resources and budget would be the most potential manufacturer to put your proposals on high priority.



  • Hi Johannis,

    last week Torsten Freyer visited our regular table of friends of British Railways. He showed us the progress of your BR Class 28 CoBo project and gave us some explanations. So I think I understand your intention und inspiration.

    You are looking for some interesting, maybe "exotic" prototype Diesel and electric locos. I have a close relationship with Turkey (is this "exotic" enough?) and travelled across the country by rail.

    My proposal is a E 43000 class, a Bo'Bo'Bo' electric loco. It was a collaboration of Toshiba and Tülomsas. The picture was taken at the impressive and historic Haydarpasa station (now out of use). Note the service man who is handing out some very important supply for the loco driver.


    This was a very special train for a special occasion. A protest train against the flooding of an ancient place.


    Later the electric loco was substituted by a Diesel class DE 22000. This a GM loco of the GP38 type, built under GM license by Tülomsas in Turkey. The picture was taken at a photo stop at the Gavurdere viaduct, the highest railway bridge in Turkey and location of the James Bond Movie "Skyfall".



    The last picture of a DE 33000 was taken on a different occasion at Samsun MPD where I enjoyed a personal guided tour by the chief of the MPD (and uncle of my former wife). It's an EMD loco, the export version of a SD40-2 licensed built by Tülomsas.


    If you want to discover the complete turkish loco roster, just have a look here.

    Trains of Turkey | Main / HomePage

    Best regards


  • Thanks, Klaus, for your interesting photos and for your proposals.

    The Bo'-Bo'-Bo' electric of Japanese design with angular shape will be definitely one of my future projects.

    The bodyshells of the long hood diesels are also easy to be built on top of MTH SD40-2/SD45/SD50 frames with drive mechanism.

    Modelling for the Southern Balkans and for Asia Minor is always fascinating, since I was frequently travelling by InterRail on the Orient express route during 1980ies when I was a young student.

    I will look first into my TCDD-related folder of my archive and then continue this discussion.



  • Hi Johannis,

    please do not forget JZ Jugoslawian Rail Class 661-664 ;)

    EMD G16 - Wikipedia

    These are still in duty in the now independant states who had been Yugoslavia before.
    Best regards


    Der Pessimist sieht das Schwarze im Tunnel
    Der Optimist sieht ein Licht am Ende des Tunnels
    Der Realist sieht den Zug kommen
    Der Lokführer sieht drei Deppen im Gleis sitzen :D

  • Hi Chris,

    The ex-JZ locos are already planned, so, wait and see. I have travelled many times the route Jesenice-Ljubljana-Zagreb-Beograd-Nis-Skopje-Gevgelija during the Tito era and have tasted the sweet smell of heavy diesel smoke. Few of the locos (like the GM G16) would fit also to the Spanish RENFE.



  • Small correction:

    Foreign railcars yes, but unfortunately no steam at all, because they require machining tools with micrometric tolerances, lathe, milling, brass brazing. etc., which I cannot provide with.


  • Foreign railcars yes,

    Hi Johannis,

    good to know. I love railcars. There are so many beautiful designs all over europe and beyond.

    I like the small swedish Hilding Carlsson Yd type. It's so lovely, isn't it. (picture 12 in the gallery)

    Ein schwedisches Sommermärchen – Der Mitternachtssonne entgegen
    Ein schwedisches Sommermärchen – Der Mitternachtssonne entgegen

    Or look at those elegant italian narrow gauge railcars of the RALn type in Sicily.

    Just to mention a few.

    Best regards


  • If I remember correctly, someone has already designed it for O scale and it was presented in another topic. Please, follow the below links...


  • Hi Klaus,

    Occasionally I was riding on the Finnish railbus named "Lättähattu" of the Swedish Yd-type counterpart with snowplows below the bumpers. If I remember correctly there are three variations, one for passengers, one for conductor/baggage and maybe one for freight/mail.

    The other one may be Italian FIAT Ferroviaria aotomotrici, suitable for Om scale.

    I have to investigate first and then come back later concerning those vintage railcars/railbusses.



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