British Locomotives for Gauge O

  • Thanks again, Andrew.

    The links are extremely essential for the success of this project and I have already ordered the book you mentioned.

    Hopefully the Brexit doesn't cause extra customs trouble during delivery.



  • Hello everyone,

    Two abstract figures (sitting loco driver and standing engineer) have been inserted pairwise into both cabs to bring more life to the action. Alternatively upon request some of the figures can be removed from either of the cabs having totally 16 possible choices. The shape of the figures will be improved later.



  • just wondering how your loco is coming along?

    Thanks for asking.

    Recently I purchased the book publication about this British locomotive type, which will help me improving some details in the CAD design.

    The project schedule for the forthcoming weeks and months is as follows:

    - Improve interior design around the cab driver area

    - Add stairs to the bogie frames

    - Further structural corrections

    - Purchase functional parts (metal bumpers, couplings, bulbs, sound, smoke unit, etc.)

    - 3D printing (body shell, frame, tanks, bogies, figures, etc.)

    - painting & decal transfer

    - final assembly

    - public presentation of the dummy version at regional expositions

    - working on motorization and transmission

    - laser-cut packaging box to secure a safe transportation

    - finalize project

    It is still a long way until finalizing this project and I will report later about its progress.



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