British Locomotives for Gauge O

  • Hello everybody,

    In this thread I would like to present my recently started design project of the BR Class 28, which is a rare model in this scale and which would nicely fit on any Gauge-O-Guild layouts.

    This is a rather challenging project for this unusual model shape, firstly because of its facial window shape is irregular, secondly because of the unequal amount of ventilation openings and re-positioned doors on both sidewalls and finally because of two different bogies under the frame.

    There are several vintage and modern painting variations of this locomotive type livery, but mostly are appreciated the classic BR colours.

    This is my first attempt to enter the Royal railway modelling scene and probably I require some time to study few distinct British gauge O standards in order to be able to equip this locomotive with the suitable components, such as bumpers, coupling, wheel sets, etc.

    This project is slowly progressing and therefore comments concerning improvements are welcome.

    Here are the first impressions of the yet unfinished hollow body shell...



  • Hello Johannis,

    the edge of the front door should not be so pronounced (orange arrows and yellow circle). On the first draft, the door sits on the front. In the prototype, the door is almost flush and only a narrow joint can be seen.


    See pictures from prototype.



    For the design of the roof I still have to look for drawings. There are not many pictures from above.

    But there are enough other pictures, also of the driver's cabs and interior views.

    Here is a flickr page about the Class 28:

    Buffers can be obtained ready-made from component suppliers. Here is an example from David J. Parkins: [url][7url]

    I don't really like them, I would rather have something built together and with a spring inside. But I'm sure I'll find something later.

    Couplings and brake hoses should be easier, Couplings are available from CPL Products, among others.

    Best greetings, Torsten


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