NS 1100 - 3D printed model

  • Years ago I was able to buy pantographs from the Philotrain production line at the time of their NS 1100 model. Because their model was far outside my own budget, there was only the option to build it myself.

    I've been drawing the model for over a year. It seems a fairly simple model, but the roof is double curved, folded and tapered. I've seen many self-built models that often just weren't. In the end I managed to capture all facets in the basic form.


    After the design was realized, there was of course still a lot of structural design to be done. The locomotive is equipped with two motors 20/20B and with current collection on all wheel sets.



    The bogies and internal frame are printed in PA12 nylon.




    The interior is also made of PA12 nylon and the breakable parts are cast in brass.



    The hood is printed in the Accura Xtreme.



    And in the end the whole thing was painted in a Berlin Blue color.




    Kind regards,


  • the roof is double curved, folded and tapered

    Ohlala, not an easy job - result looks very good!

    Any reason for using PA12 for the boogies instead of Accura Extrem?

    If you have the time: It would be useful for me to see how you aggregated the brass parts to be printed (by shapeways I suppose).

    Waiting for your next model... ;)

    Viele Grüße aus Südhessen


  • @ Alexander,

    The Accura Xtreme is very fragile when it comes to thin parts. In addition, Accura Xtreme cannot withstand so much torsion, in case of a derailment, everything must not break off immediately. The PA12 retains its shape when it comes to parts of sufficient thickness, the thinner parts, on the other hand, are slightly flexible, so it can withstand a knock.

    I made two renderings of the casting tree


    @ Karel en Frank,

    Dank!, ik ben erg benieuwd hem in het najaar te zien rijden in Oldenzaal.

    Groeten Okke

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  • Hi!

    Oldenzaal? That's around the corner from me. When are you going there?

    Best regards


  • @ Mario,

    Apart from the Corona year, we have an informal scale 0 weekend in the Netherlands every year. Previously this was always in Zutphen and now for several years in Oldenzaal.

    Spoor Nul weekeinde

    @ Stefan,

    The PA12 print is made at Shapeways, I actually have no idea how they make the print.

    The price differs depending on the amount of details you draw on it, but also which of the 3 options you choose in terms of finish with PA12. If you upload your file (.STL) on the Shapeways website, the price will automatically be added when you click on the material.

    I also printed the two bogies at the same time as one file, which may also have an effect on the price.

    I do not sell these prints myself, so it is not important to know a price. In addition, the bogies are printed in a way that only the draftsman can print, with the option "print it anyways". This means that details may be lost in the printing process that you as a designer are satisfied with.

    Groeten Okke

  • Dear Johannes,

    As I wrote above, I do not sell my prints. There are therefore no links to the relevant parts because I do not make them available.

    In addition, even if I would like to, it is not possible to make them available because the only option to print is the "print it anyways" option at Shapeways which is not available to customers.

    For example, if I would like to make these prints accessible for sale, I have to reduce a lot of details to get them through the standard printing conditions.

    I make sure that this hobby does not cause stress. As soon as I start doing things for third parties, I always notice that everyone has a different opinion about what the right form of modeling is.

    Groeten Okke

  • I understand your point, Okke.

    Each 3D printing method and each material needs always some adjustments and modifications in the CAD design and in the slicer software settings.



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