Continental European in 0 scale

  • Hi,

    Is anybody in this forum collecting or modelling besides German also other European trains in 0 scale?

    I don't mind whether you are in 2- or 3-rail, fine scale or coarse scale, 1/43 or 1/45 or 1/48 or overseas scale with same gauge.

    Myself I own a large collection of ready-to-run off-the-shelf models among others also Italian FS rolling stock (Rivarossi & Lima) or French SNCF rolling stock (Hornby & JEP).

    Besides I am modelling rare locomotives in 0 scale of various European state railways such as the Russian locomotives (RZD) with Finnish passenger coaches (VR) or

    the Hungarian MAV M41 and MAV M63. More examples of many other projects in 0 scale are shown below...



  • Hi Johannis,

    NMJ made a CFL class 1600. With and without sound. For 2 years the 1602 and now they offer the 1601. All Models area III unfortunatly. I prefer area IV, 1970-1990.

    Greetings from Holland, Karel.

  • Hello Karel,

    what do you think of the 1500 or 1100 class?

    Can you tell me which CFL models (including wagons) were also running in Belgium or the Netherlands?

    Best regards


  • Hello,

    as far as locomotives are concerned, the 1600s went to the first stations in Belgium and France (Gouvy, Stockem and Longuyon) and into Germany to Trier. The 1800s were used along with the SNCB class 55 on the line from Luxembourg to Liège. CFL coaches (similar to the German "Silberlinge") went as far as Liège and Trier and, if I remember it well, also to Maastricht (the Netherlands).

    Some coke trains from Alsdorf (Gemany) to Belval (Luxembourg) consisting of privately owned self-discharging wagons were hauled between Aachen West (Germany) and Belval by an 1800.

    Hope this helps


  • Hello Mario,

    Just talking about diesels. An 1100 and/or 1500 might be nice but also a little bit too modern for me. In that case I prefer an 800(!) or 850/900.

    Locos running to Belgium (and Germany!) are the diesels classes 1600 and 1800.

    Coaches running to Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands: type Wegmann (family of the German Silberlinge/Silberfische). Wegmanns even came to Amsterdam.

    Äddi (they say in Luxemburg),


  • Hello Mario,

    I see that Herbert answered almost at the same time as I did. He's correct in het answer.

    Anf from Holland to Luxemburg came the NS/SBB TEE 4-car trainset. See the my picture on the left.

    Äddi, Karel.

  • Hello 48karben ,

    Hello HFy ,

    I actually meant which CFL series were also available from other railway administrations. Class 1500 is the G 1206, which was also available in several other countries / with other railway administrations. Which CFL series corresponds to which NS / SNCB / SNCF or other? Background: We are looking for interesting models that can be implemented in gauge 0 and 1. The Luxembourg market alone is too small. But if we find locomotives that have been used similarly in several countries, then it might be worthwhile to develop a model for several.

    Particularly interesting are diesel and electric locomotives as well as wagons from (German) epoch 3, preferably 4 and later.

    Best regards


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  • Hello Johannis,

    Many Thanks. I'll take a look at that in my own time. There are also many other countries involved. :)

    Best regards


  • Yes, Mario.

    You have to make a spreadsheet to find out which engine types operated or still operate in which regions (Baltikum, BeNeLux, Iberia, Skandinavia, Transylvania, etc.). Myself I am more into the Balkan route (Pan-European Corridor X) of the famous Orient Express.



  • Hello everybody,

    In the English speaking section I will introduce my non-German locomotive projects mainly Continental European (1:45) and some North-American (1:48) each one briefly presented in a separate thread.

    In another German speaking section I will try the same approach with my German locomotive projects.

    BTW, dependending on the travelling restrictions during October you may meet me at the event in Giessen but only upon appointment to be agreed through private email message.



  • Hello guys,

    Here I present my Hungarian 4-axled end-cab diesel locomotive M41 operated initially by MAV, then by GySEV, H-START and exported to Greece (OSE) and Tunisia (SNCFT). You can find plenty of information sources concerning the technical specifications of the real locomotive type.

    This model was produced in H0 scale by Fuggerth long time ago and recently I decided to design it with my own artistic interpretation in the above mentioned variations and painting schemes also for the 0 scale community. It can be powered or dummy or even re-scaled up or down. It fits nicely together with passenger coaches as well with freight cars on a compact layout.

    BTW, the model of the bigger Hungarian 6-axled diesel locomotive named "Giant" you can see in action on this video .



  • Hello again,

    Here is a 6-axled Romanian-built export diesel locomotive LDE4000 made by myself also in 1:45 scale, which is related to the shorter versions LDE2600 and LDE3000 once built by Electroputere in the factory of Craiova. Experimentaly I applied two different designing and manufacturing methods, firstly 2D design with laser-cut sides coated with printed vinyl as rapid prototyping just for tinplate trains and secondly 3D design with low-budget 3D printing, primer, airbrushing, detailing and heavily weathering. A third method could be resin mold in a silicon form, but it is very messy mixing liquid chemicals at home without sufficient air condition.



  • Ciao

    Here few of my Italian inspired projects.

    The FS E.405 has been derived from Bombardier (formerly ADtranz) DE 2000 locomotive family. The body is almost ready in my design studio. It needs only the roof to be replaced and two Sommerfeld pantographs to be attached. The ready painted model can be decorated either with the FS/Trenitalia logo or with the logo of a private operator.

    The FS E.633 has an angular body shape suitable for coated tinplate folding. The below illustration has been created by using OpenOffice Draw for high resolution printing on adhesive vinyl, which appears to be resistant against UV light.

    Grazie mille,


  • Hi!

    Molto bello! Prendo una FS E.405. ;)

    PKP EU11 painting is also possible for the E.405.

    Nice work!



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