Anyone in Hesse for an British layout?

  • Hello Everyone,
    I have been visiting and reading in this forum for quite a while. My name is Oliver, and I would be interested to cooperate with someone also willing to build a British modular layout together, maybe even modern image. Although I am German, but having spent a good part of my life in South Wales, I cannot think of another and better topic...I love British Engines:)
    Would be most happy for any reply :)

  • Hello Oliver,

    there are a few members of the 0EC Köln, based in Porz near the railway station, who own quite a bit of 7mm British outline rolling stock. I have even built a module (of sorts), but I still have to find out how to put a photograph in the forum.

    Best regards

  • Dear Herbert,

    thank you for the quick response. I very much would like to get in touch with the Cologne guys , and even to see your module. Maybe it will be easier to embed images here after moving the forum next week. You can anway put in a photo, if you hit the "image" button when answering in a thread :)

  • Na, weil es ein Englisches Unterforum ist :D Und in 90% der Postings wird nun mal in dieser Sprache keine Ignoranz oder Kritik meinerseits

  • Bore da Oliver

    very interesting the fact you sit in Wiesbaden and want to build a British layout and I sit in Swansea building a German layout ! :D I know British trains are very interesting, but why make it difficult for yourself? I am finding it hard to get German stuff over here as postage is so expensive and god knows what happens after Brexit. Unless you have everything or most of materials and rolling stock already, I would think about it. I build a German layout as I am German and it brings back memories, but as you are not Welsh or British I cannot quite follow. Having said that I look forward to seeing this develop. I hope you find like minded people to set up this venture.

    Hwyl am y tro

    Grüsse aus Wales


  • Sandra and Oliver,

    Sandra first - I have stopped work on the "last great project" to concentrate on Blindheim. It has been entered in the Small Layout Competition to be (hopefully) held in Guildex at the end of August. Twelve foot by one foot (3.6m x 0.3m in continental currency); the plan is that it will front (translate as blokieren) a fiddle yard on Höchstädt, otherwise known as the "last great project". I have almost finished laying the cork then I start the track.

    Oliver - have you joined the Gauge O Guild? There is a German group, led by Blackmoor Vale of this parish, who often attend Guildex and have a display at the Spur Null Tage in Gießen.


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