Replacement motor for Fleischmann Magic train

  • Hello everyone

    I have a Fleischmann Magic Train diesel model 2240 in which the motor has been damaged. It no longer works. Can anyone tell me if it’s possible to obtain a replacement motor for this locomotive?

    Thank you.

    Roy Wood

    I have translated this using Google translate below

    Hallo zusammen

    Ich habe ein Fleischmann Magic Train Diesel Modell 2240, bei dem der Motor beschädigt wurde. Es funktioniert nicht mehr. Kann mir jemand sagen, ob es möglich ist, einen Ersatzmotor für diese Lokomotive zu erhalten?

    Vielen Dank.

    Roy Wood

  • Hello Roy,

    first question: do you want a origin Fleischmann motor or do you prefer a new Faulhaber solution?
    A lot of narrow gauge enthusiasts replace the origin motor to a Faulhaber – I have to look if I still have an origin motor somewhere in one corner of the craft cellar.
    If there is one – an idea could be to give a parcel to Sandra in Giessen so she can send it with Royal Post.

    A good Faulhaber motorization that give the loco smooth slow driving conditions is available from sb-Modellbau.…0000222/00000475/00000478
    If it to expensive there are other solutions possible which use Faulhaber gearmotor 2020. Unfortunately, Faulhaber don’t produce this motor since two (?) years.
    I have also used FH1717 in the past.
    Both motors available at lemo-solar.

    Kind regards to Dorset
    who don't have a chance to visit the steam fair this year . . .

    Hab nachgefragt ob er einen Original oder eine Faulhaberlösung favorisiert, und verschiedenen Lösungsmöglichkeiten aufgezeigt.

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  • Hi Roy
    you can take a Mitsumi with double shaft. Shorten the shaft at the pinning-side.
    Look for type M15N-3 R-A323 or R-A-2×5 where x looks like 5 or 6 I cannot really recognize it.
    red labeled resp. blue
    find it at ebay with setting worldwide

    built in like description here.

    Another motor I used was a coreless one from Ebay for a very few $.

    It turns as much as the original motor but very silent. Meanwhile I have got it running perfectly with a lenz standard+ dcc decoder. What means slowly and smooth.
    Description look here



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  • Thank you for your replies. I shall investigate all these options. The loco was running perfectly until I inadvertently left it running very slowly up against a buffer stop. It, too, is DCC fitted and has a small Zimo sound decoder together with an excellent sugar cube speaker.

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