AW Lingen info

  • Is from mid december 2019 that I try to contact Jochen Leisner in order to have some parts.

    This brand is always operative or there are problems? :?: :?: :?:

    Regards from Italy


  • Good morning Ennio,
    I do not know anything about AW Lingen but the homepage says that their parts are also available at "Wagenwerk". I have orderd some parts there last year and they have shipped immediately.
    Maybe you look for the parts at "Wagenwerk" and order there?
    Find link attached:

    Kind regards

    Der Pessimist sieht das Schwarze im Tunnel
    Der Optimist sieht ein Licht am Ende des Tunnels
    Der Realist sieht den Zug kommen
    Der Lokführer sieht drei Deppen im Gleis sitzen :D

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