Greetings all from Australia

  • Hello again from down under , I originally joined in 2012 but as circumstances changed so did my modeling. I appreciate your best wishes this time as back then Apologies for this being in English but my German is still not good , but I am improving some of my friends tell me .

  • Hi Bob(?)

    A warm welcome from me too. I'm also new to gauge 0 and this forum. Although I'm building a N gauge layout at the moment, I was always interested in a bigger scale, because shunting is not really a domain of N. It was actually Konstantin with his YouTube channel who gave me the last kick :)

    How big is the gauge 0 scene in Australia? It received a real boost here in Germany over the last decade which makes it much easier for beginners like me.

    All the best

  • Hello Markus ,thanks for your welcome . O scale is not big in Australia, mostly in the eastern states , New South Wales and Victoria . To model German O scale and era 1 I know of no other . It is the same for Oe as well , I also model era 1 Saxon from Henke , again I know of no one else that models this . I guess it doesn’t help if the new owner of Henke won’t export to Australia . I find however that this is part of the modelling challenge . There is always an answer , one has to look out side the comfort zone . Cheers Bob

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