• I am trying to find an external fire escape for one of my buildings. Langley Models, a UK firm, produce exactly what I want (item 'F 174' on their website), but only in 00 scale. I have checked with them, but they have no plans to reproduce this in '0' scale, believing that it would be too expensive for the market.

    Does anyone know of a firm that produces a similar item in '0' scale/ Etched brass would be nice, or, possibly, 3D printed.

    This is fairly important as I do not really want my office workers getting away from an inferno through the escape door, only to plunge many meters to concrete paving, breaking their necks, and most other bones, in the process - sad :( .

  • I haven't checked Langley Models website (a direct link to the product would be nice) but if you
    had a picture and some measurements maybe someone could make one for you.

  • Hi Roger,

    there is another, longer one available modellbahn-engl.de

    one more, please scroll down to picture No 18 on this page www.scalelink.co.uk

    and there is another one in different style as stairs and platforms modeltechstudios.com there are a lot more of interesting Detail Accessories in this shop. Hier gibt es eine Menge weiterer Ausstattungsdetails sowie 0 scale Figuren in diesem Shop. Speziell auch für Szenen in Häfen und auf Fischkuttern etc.. Schaut mal in Ruhe durch. :thumbup:

    and twinwhistle.com

    finally: www.sceneryexpress.com (out of stock) but maybe it will be available again

    Viele Grüße,
    Dirk :)

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  • Danke sehr meine Herren.
    I will look at all these very helpful responses, and see which best suits my precise needs.
    Specially for 'Herr remodeler', the full contact for Langley Models is 'www.langley-models.co.uk'.

    Now I must start saving lots of money for some of the models coming from LENZ this, and next, year, and the 'New Items' in 0 scale from Noch look very interesting.

    Thanks again.

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