3D-printed parts and accessories

  • Hello again.
    Thought I could start a new thread about 3D-printing different parts and accessories, all in scale 0.
    Since 3D-printers are quite cheap today there are many people who have or have access to one.
    You don't even have to create things yourself, there's a lot to be downloaded for free.
    I will try to provide links to where I got it from, often you will need to create an account
    to be able to download, but it is always free for personal use!

    Starting with "Outdoor furniture set" from Enely on Thingiverse:
    The original file is in 1/87 but it is very easy to rescale
    and here is the result in 1/45, printed with Anycubic Photon resin printer:

  • I have also printed some figures which I found on
    Same thing here, you need an account to be able to download, but it is free.
    Search for "human", "male", "female", "man", "woman" or similar.
    Click on "STL" under "Software" and it will show files that are suitable for
    3D-printing without going thru CAD-software.
    These are scanned real people in scale 1/1 so they are not easy to print
    without rescaling :D
    Rescaled to 1/45 and printed with resin-printer:

  • Printed two sets of EU-pallets, 40 each time. Files probably from https://www.thingiverse.com/
    but I'm not sure. Just search for "pallet", download and rescale to right size.
    One on the left is with clear resin, middle is white resin and the right one is painted with Tamiya "wooden deck tan".
    Maybe not the best colour but that was what I had. Looks ok. Have to buy more colours :(

    Painted a set of outdoor furniture set with the same colour:

  • I have designed quite a variety of Parts in Scale 1:45.The printer of my choice is Shapeways who so far have delivered on time with good quality. There I have etablished my shop, where I offer parts for Guage 0 Railway Fans. Check out this site. If anyone is interested in something special I can design whatever is needed and possible. Feel free to contact me.

  • Ich habe noch vergessen, wie mein shop bei Shapeways heißt:

    Euregio Modelle. schaut mal rein
    My shop's name at Shapeways is: Euregio Modelle
    go there and browse

  • Painted some figures with the colours I had at home. Glossy colours are not ideal on figures :thumbdown:
    Realized that I need to buy some fine brushes too.

    Found a Jerry can at Thingiverse (there are several):

  • If there is pallets you need a forklift (downloaded from GrabCad and rescaled), link: Forklift

    Well, I made two. Most parts will be black so I spraypainted them black

    and then paint the other parts in suitable color (have not decided colors yet)

  • Working on a wireless throttle control that is supposed to be ready for testing in a week or two.
    It is a prototype, like most things I seem to make :whistling:
    The case is, of course, 3D-printed.

    Using DeWalt 10,8V battery

    Fits like a glove

    Lid with encoder

    And mounting holes for Nextion touch display

    I re-use code and hardware from my rc-models, so Arduino Nano communicates via nRF24L01
    to a similar one, that is connected via RX/TX to a DCC++ base station.
    Should work. Hopefully.

    The plan is to migrate to wifi, but that will take a while.

    Don't look too bad

    One hand operation

  • Here is a couple of pics of the display in action.
    Startpicture, just for fun, not necessary.
    (It's the Z49I'm building, picture from CAD-program)

    Next page is "select locomotive". It can control 12 locos at the same time (if the driver can).
    My brother have 7 Lenz locos (1-7) and I have 2 (11-12).

    Let's choose V 160, then we get to "loco control". Here you can control speed, direction and function F0 - F8.
    It is also possible to have the functions in text, different for each loco i you like. I'm only using F0 - F4 for now.

    Horn and Telex buttons are "momentary" so you don't have to push twice.
    Horn sounds as long as you press the button (as it should be).
    Speed is controlled via encoder (the black knob) and press for direction.

    If you press "Turnout" button you get to the turnout meny, of course.

    Going to test it next week, but it seems to work fine.
    Of course there is a lot that can be improved, as usual.

  • Just a little quick thing that actually works great. A bumper (prellbock) for Lenz track.
    Easy to print and assemble. Cost is almost nothing if you have a 3D-printer.
    Printed in white PLA so that is easier to see. Tight fit!

    Link to Youtube video:
    3D-printed bumper

    Edit: Forgot to put a link to the files on Thingiverse:

  • Another long time project that I am working on, wifi-controlled railway. Just started and it will take a year or two.
    First thing, 3d-printed track plan connected to DCC++ master via wifi and mqtt (often used in IOT applications).
    The greatest benefit with this is that it is extremely cheap and flexible.
    And there is a lot less wiring.

    Track plan parts looks like this, 50x50mm.

    Can be combined in different ways

    The square holes are for rgb-led's, Neopixels. They are quite nice to work with, they are connected in serie (daisy-chained)
    so I only use one pin on the mcu to control all Neopixels on the trackplan.

    We are going to build four trackplans, one for each station, and I started with the smallest on.
    Everything on this trackplan will be controlled by only one mcu called ESP32 with integrated wifi.

    For controlling signals, lights, road crossings and other stuff out on the track
    there is nifty little device called Wemos D1 mini, cheap and built in wifi.

    Here is a part of the smallest station that I use for testing, just two turnouts (and a crossing)

    And in action (sorry, but my mobile phone camera doesn't like led's)

    The idea is that you can see from a distance which track the turnouts are laid at.
    That is nice when you are walking around with a wireless remote control.

    It can also be used with track occupancy detection, and maybe have another color if track is occupied.
    Just change trackplan software, not hardware.

  • Hallo rcmodeler
    Your 3d-printed parts are great.
    I've seen other things of yours on youtube. Have you already presented your workbench (and rotated workbench)? How did you make it? Or was she released somewhere?

  • Ok, it took some time but here is the Simple Workbench V2.
    Working on V2 on the Rotating Workbench, will be finished in a month or three ;)

    The Simple Workbench is very easy to build, yet very useful.
    Not every loco or wagon can be laid upside down on a soft material.

    The material is just 1 meter of M8 threaded rod cut in two halves, 0,5 meter each, and 8 M8 nuts.
    Plus, of course, some 3d-printed parts that I published on Thingiverse:
    Simple workbench

    And there is also a short video on Youtube:
    Youtube video

  • My brother needed some furniture to a building so I checked on Thingiverse what I could find.
    Table and some chairs to the canteen and desk, chair and a couple of cabinets to the office.
    Found on several different places on Thingiverse and several different sizes, but it is easy to rescale.

  • I haven't built this but I thought I might urge those who have a 3d-printer to check out this "overhead crane" in H0:
    Overhead crane

    Maybe check out all of here things (I don't know here but I like what she does).

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