SJ Locomotor Z49, 3D-printed model, a long story

  • Haven't done so much with this lately, been working on my remote control.
    Anyway, a small package has arrived from China with a new motor.
    I know, it's not a Faulhaber, but it only cost about €3.
    There is two major differences.
    The new one is 5 pole, the old one is 3 pole. I hope it will be a smoother ride.
    And the new one is 2,5 mm shorter, doesn't sound much but it will help me a lot.
    I have updated the cad-files to fit the new motor to the chassie and in a week or two
    there will be a new rolling chassie to compare with the old one (I hope).

    Old motor on top, new motor below.

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