Small problem with ESU Loksound

  • Hello all
    I have successfully installed an LS4 decoder in my BR78 including programming the firebox glow when the sound of coaling occurs. The f5 function button is set to switch on the firebox flicker and play the coaling sound slot. I noticed however that when the coaling sounds play through the random sounds sequence there is no firebox flicker! There must be a way to fix this as with the LS3 decoders it was very easy and I am surprised that there is no similar procedure on the LS4 or at least not one I can find!
    Please can anyone help me to effect the changes so that all the hard work of the fireman can be seen whenever he works!
    with best regards.
    John ;(

  • Hi John,
    you must open the soundfile (not Decoderfile) of the 78 in the ESU Programmer and there open the coaling sound. On the left side you make a click to those aux-exit, with whom it is connectet the LED of firebox. Then you upload the changed file to the Decoder. Now the firebox will shine together with the random coaling sound.
    Im sorry not to show you a screenshot, but I am Macuser, and the ESU-Programmer is only compatible to windows. ;)

  • Thanks for your help. I to am an iMac user and so will have to get my old Windows computer to wake up again so that I can make the modifications.
    Thanks again

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