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Donnerstag, 22. Februar 2018, 16:35

Flood Bridge

Hello 0 Gauge Colleagues,

let me invite you, to get a quick view to our current project - specially for you in english language:

Background: a group of a few guys within my region, is replicating prominent parts of historic railroad lines, which partly have vanished, or are still existing, but suffer from decay. For this, we investigate old pictures, drawings, and ruins. Sometimes we're lucky, and the old structure is still existing, what makes it 'rather easy' to generate a copy in 1 : 45. Our target is, to build realistic models on FREMO-modules, which then can be exposed with historic railroad traffic on it.

In a group of three guys, we're currently working on a project called 'flood brigde' ('Flut-Brücke'). Fortunately, this bridge is still existing!
In reality, this single railway line is still crossing a very flat and wide valley, on a dam, approx. 9 feet hight. As this dam would retain the water there, specially at high tide, flood-bridges were buildt to aviod this.

My job in this project is, to make exact measurements and to generate pictures with yard stick, as basis for mechanical drawings, which then have to be prepared by me.
With this drawings, another member of our team, checks out, how to realise this project. He investigates with some prototype-actions, how realisation can be executed. Then he orders material and starts to realise the project.
In parallel, the other friend starts the planning of the module-structure and the module interface (especially here: out of norm), which will then be the 'frame' for the exhibit.
Of course, together we steadily are discussing, how to continue, and what especially is needed for further steps.

Remark 1: usually, everyone of our 'project-team' more or less is following his own targets and realisations. But specially with this project, this cooperation has originated by itsself.

Remark 2: this thread will not be continued by me, but shall be bridge and invitation for you, to have a closer look to articles in german language, as images are able to tell more than thousands of words. Of course, questions and proposals are welcome.

With best regards


P.S.: a link to our railwas video:
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Mittwoch, 9. Januar 2019, 21:25

Hi NNullguggi,

a question, please, is it normal, that this floot bridge at the example doesn't have a balustrade?

Kind regards